Police blamed youth dies after falling from five-storey building



In a terrifying incident, police officials in plain clothes pushed a youth down from the rooftop of a five-storey building in Karachi’s Liqauatabad area after he contracted a free-will marriage.

A young man namely Nabeel Siddiqui died after falling from the rooftop of a five-storey building in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area last night.Brother of slain Nabeel Siddiqui blamed that his sibling fell from the rooftop after being tortured by some police officials in plain clothes led by the investigation officers on the fifth floor of the building.

He said that the police party fled from the scene and they had also tortured his father during the raid.

Following the incident, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Central Maroof Usman met the affected family and recorded their statements.

The investigators have reportedly found evidence against the investigation police for receiving bribes and harassing citizens.The incident took place after Nabeel’s court marriage with a girl which led her family file an abduction case against him.

According to his brother, the girl had consensually left her family to marry Nabeel and later her family filed an abduction case against Nabeel.

“Nabeel Siddiqui was granted bail by the court and he contracted marriage with the girl on the next day. The matter was supposedly resolved after his bail and court marriage with the girl but the investigation police keep demanding money from him,” Nabeel’s brother alleged.

Nabeel’s father said that the investigation officer Amir came to their house and demanded Rs50,000 bribe from them. He also threatened him and Nabeel Siddiqui to send behind the bars in a fake dacoity case if he refused to pay the bribe. Later, he pushed Nabeel down from the fifth floor of the building, he alleged.

Police said that Sharifabad investigation police went there to record the statement of Nabeel’s father. The higher authorities of the police department launched a thorough probe into the incident.


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