PM’s US visit an important milestone in history: Khattak


Staff Reporter


Defence Minister Pervez Khattak has said that the Prime Minister’s visit to United States is an important milestone in the country’s history that would usher in a new chapter in the Pak-US relations. Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to steer the country out of the present crises and address the problems of the poor people.
The Defence Minister said this while addressing the inauguration ceremony of Trauma Centre in Qazi Medical Centre, laying foundation stone of Rs200 million Cantonment General Hospital and launching of beautification of Nowshera Cantonment project worth Rs87 million here on Saturday. The Minister warned the united opposition to refrain from moving no trust motion against the Chairman Senate otherwise they would be exposed during the process of no trust motion.
The no trust motion is bound to fail against Chairman Senate, he said. The country was heading towards progress and prosperity with each passing day under the leadership of Imran Khan.
The previous rulers looted the country with both hands and today when they are being caught for their misdeeds and corruption, they are making hue and cry. If they are not thieves, they should not fear. Every single penny plundered would be recovered from the thieves only, he elaborated.
The 22 years’ struggle of Imran Khan meant to end corruption, to improve socio economic lot of poor people, and establishing a society based on merit and justice. He said unfortunately the previous rulers were not interested in serving the poor people but to build their own empire at the cost of national kitty.
The PTI he said would not disappoint the people through their performance and would come up to their expectations. Government had to take some hard decisions for bringing stability in the country. The government would overcome the problem of price hike soon. Imran Khan was determined to make stand the country on its feet.

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