PM’s surprise visit


Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a surprise visit to different public places in the Capital on Sunday without any protocol and inspected business activities, implementation of Covid-19 SOPs and ongoing development work.

Such visits are important in order to personally see situation on the ground, as only through indoor briefings and meetings problems being faced by the people cannot be ascertained properly.

Hence, PM is appreciated for undertaking the surprise visit during which he also interacted with the people to understand their problems.

Acting CDA Chairman Amer Ahmed Ali on the occasion also briefed the Prime Minister about ongoing development schemes in the Federal Capital.

There is no doubt that current CDA Chairman has done some good work yet pace of work on development schemes is very slow. The classic example is that of extension of Islamabad expressway.

Work on it started in previous government but its extension up to T-Chowk Rawat appears to be not in sight in near future.

Similarly, the IJP road presents a dilapidated condition with ditches and potholes all around.

The CDA has not gone beyond lip service on the rehabilitation of this important artery.

While beautification of Srinagar highway has been done but certain portions still require rehabilitation.

We, therefore, will suggest the Prime Minister to personally monitor the progress on development schemes in Islamabad, ensuring their timely completion.

The Capital should present a clean look with all state of art facilities including road infrastructure, modern transport and solid waste management system.

Apart from main sectors, the development must also be carried out in rural areas.

At the same time we expect that the Prime Minister would also pay such unannounced visits to other districts to get first-hand knowledge of problems being faced by common man.

The elected representatives should also fulfil their responsibilities and visit their constituencies on regular basis to address problems of the people.

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