PM’s intervention sought for release of additional Rs6.1 billion to PBM

Zubair Qureshi

Despite the financial constraints and limited resources, the Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) is delivering commendable services for the poor and the needy of the country and this it is doing without any discrimination or political affiliation.

The newly-appointed Managing Director (MD) of the PBM Amir Fida Paracha while talking to Pakistan Observer on Wednesday said it was indeed a great honour and privilege for him that he was chosen by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership to head an organization whose sole purpose was to serve the poor of the country.

Currently, the PBM is running a number of projects that include “Shelter Homes,” “Sweet Home,” “Individual Financial Assistance,” “Pakistan Thalassemia Centre,” “Women Empowerment Centre,” “School for Rehabilitation of Child Labour,” “Old Home,” “Civil Society/NGO Wing” and “Special Friends.”

Paracha said apart from the above-mentioned projects, the PBM also provides assistance to the poor patients, the handicapped, orphans, widows and students as well. Besides, the previous government’s white elephant project “Meals on Wheels” is a liability that is costing the PBM millions of rupees, however, he said with the support of the donors and with the meager funds the PBM has all these projects are going quite well. We have more than 60 child labour rehab centres, more than 50 schools for orphans and our students are showing quite good results.

There are Women Empower Centres that not only equip the enrolled women with skills they are also giving them computer and IT education, he said. Moreover, all types of surgeries also fall in the purview of the PBM. Paracha spoke high of the donors like Qatar Charity, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other friendly countries and the private donors as well who have always responded and extended generous support in the PBM’s ongoing projects and for assistance of the needy.


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