PML-N led Fed Govt lost its majority: Yawar

Raza Naqvi

PTI former Provincial Minister Punjab Syed Yawar Abbas Bokhari expressing his views on the prevailing political, economic crisis has said that PML (N) alliance Government has lost its majority which is manipulating to get the elections delayed under one pretext or the other to save their skin but the results will prove their political death in the forthcoming general elections.

This he said while talking to the media persons here at his residence Al Murtaza House Attock on Sunday. The Attockfocal person PTI Attock Syed Khawar Abbas Bokhari along with PTI Coordinator were also present on this occasion. Syed Yawar Bokhari, replying different questions of the journalists said that there is no option except to dissolve the assemblies and announce date of holding elections as per advice of Mr. Imran Khan.

He challenged the PML (N) alliance rulers to assess their political importance during the elections of two provincial assemblies. Syed Yawar Bokhari said that PML (N) is even not in a position to face its people as they failed to deliver necessary relief instead of making tall claims to overcome price hike, shortage of life saving essential medicines, dollars, of gas, electricity, flour, wheat and other kitchen items. The present Government of PML (N) even has no funds to open LC in the banks and now makingempty announcements to mislead its people dragging towards economic default leading to further agonized price rocketeering situation in the country.

Yawar Bokhar comparing the progress of his Government has said PTI led Government left 19 billion dollars in the national exchequer and the growth rate was going to 6% in the GDP.The Government of PTI also created 55 lacs jobs opportunities in public private sector besides having 5 bumper crops.