Wana sit-in protest enters into 4th day

Adam Khan Wazir

The sit-in of ‘Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon’ (Waziristan peace public movement) continued for the fourth day in Wana, the district headquarter of the South Waziristan Lower Tribal District. A large number of people are present in the fourth day of the protest sit-in in connection with the establishment of peace despite severe cold.

On the other hand, DC South Waziristan Lower Nasir Khan gave his stance and said that their demands are legitimate and the administration has already started working on the ten-point agenda of the protesters.

They are in constant contact with the sit-in participants to resolve their legitimate demands and resolve their problems, and the talks are going on, it is hoped that a positive result will be reached soon. Local leaders of all political parties, PPP, ANP, JUI, JI, PTI, NDM, PKMAP, business community, PTM, tribal elders and youths for establishing peace at the local level, A large number participated in the protest sit-in. Local leaders of various political parties expressed their views

And “Waziristan Aman Olasi Pasoon” (Waziristan peace public movement) presented a 10-point agenda to the government. Peace is the responsibility of the civil government, if the police is required to conduct a search operation or action on wanted persons or in a place, then action should be taken according to the law.