PML-N, Fazl want PTI complete five-year tenure, PPP alleges

Observer Report

The PPP has alleged that while it still wishes to rid the people of the government, the PML-N and Fazlur Rehman wish to give PTI a chance to complete its 5-year term.

In a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday, party members Farhatullah Babar and Nayyar Bukhari said that whichever party still wishes to continue the protest movement against the government is welcome to join the PPP.

Following the PPP leaders’ remarks, JUI-F’s Hafiz Hamdullah said that his party, as well as the PML-N, are part of the Pakistan Democratic Movement alliance.

He turmed the PPP’s statement around to allege that it is the PPP that is the PTI’s “B team”.

“People’s Party no longer has the Bhutto-ism of the yesteryears,” he said, adding: “It has become Zardari’s party.”

Tensions between the PPP and PML-N have been on the rise since PPP’s Yousaf Raza Gillani was appointed Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

Gillani’s appointment drew the ire of PDM, an alliance of the Opposition parties, which said that the move was made without its blessing.