PMC resolves 60 of negligence of doctor’s cases in 30 days



Islamabad 25th November, 2022: The Disciplinary Committee of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has decided all the cases of doctors pending with the commission since long.

while talking to the Chairman Disciplinary Committee Prof. Dr. Naqib Ullah Achakzai said multiple meetings of the Disciplinary Committee were held to address complaints of public /patients against negligence and misconduct of doctors.

The committee also discussed and resolved complaints against Medical and Dental colleges related to non payment of stipends to doctors.

He said Disciplinary Committee of PMC is responsible to probe/investigate and resolve all issues/cases pertaining to Medical and dental negligence.

The committee is comprised of PMC Council members and senior experts of profession from all specialties relevant to the cases being heard.

He added that several meetings in all the provinces in just 30 days were held. The Ddisciplinary Ccommittee heard 60 cases to resolve all pertaining complaints.

The Disciplinary Committee cancelled / suspended 09 Licenses of doctors, 10 doctors have been fined, 05 doctors have been issued warnings for their minor misconducts 13 doctors have been exonerated by the Committee.

The PMC Council will not tolerate any negligence or misconduct on the part of any doctor and no doctor shall be allowed to play with the lives of innocent patients.

He said the council will keep on holding Disciplinary Committee meetings in all the provinces of the country to safeguard public interest at large.

For the grater good of patients and public the committee issued an advisory that they formally launch a complaint to PMC against any Medical or Dental practitioner ons account of professional negligence and misconduct.