PM urges world to act soon let Kashmir issue triggers nuclear fury Resolves to fight BJP’s ‘racist ideology’; Indian PM has targeted Pakistan’s jugular vein: Shahbaz; PPP stands with govt on Kashmir cause, says Bilawal



Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday expressed grave concern at the illegal and unilateral move by India to scrap occupied Kashmir’s special status and said that he fears that New Delhi will ethnically cleanse the disputed valley.
“I fear the Indian government will now do ethnic cleansing in Kashmir,” said the premier while addressing the joint session of parliament.“Occupied Kashmir has turned into a graveyard but the movement for freedom cannot be crushed by force.”
“What they did in Kashmir is in accordance with their ideology. They have a racist ideology.”
The premier reiterated that the armed forces of Pakistan will retaliate if India pursues aggressive designs against the country. He added that India’s decision to revoke Article 370 of the constitution was planned all along and was part of Narendar Modi’s election manifesto.
Imran said Pakistan wants better ties with neighbouring countries but the incumbent Indian government was following the RSS’s fascist ideology. Referring to his earlier olive branch to New Delhi, the prime minister said the country strongly conveyed to India that it was not involved in the Pulwama attack. “But they used Pakistan as a scapegoat,” he said and added that the Indian pilot was also returned as a goodwill gesture to convey that Islamabad did not have any ill intentions.
“The Indian government violated its own constitution to promote its ideology and scrapped occupied Kashmir’s special status.” The Prime Minister called upon the international community to act against the bigoted politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party and added that the BJP has acted according to their ideology, against their constitution, Supreme Court verdict and United Nations resolutions in Kashmir.
He said that revoking Article 370 was part of BJP’s election manifesto, adding their forefathers were from the RSS. The Kashmir struggle would intensify after India’s move of abolishing Article 370, he stressed.
“They (BJP) do not consider Kashmiris as their equals. They will try to crush them which will lead to a reaction which can be a Pulwama like incident. They will blame us [Pakistan] for this.” “I kept on telling them [BJP] after Pulwama that two nuclear-armed neighbours cannot take such risks and we should resolve our problems through dialogue.”
The Prime Minister warned of a conventional war between Pakistan and India in light of another Pulwama-like situation which could arise if the situation in Kashmir kept on deteriorating. He said ,”This will be a war that no one will win and the implications will be global.” PM Khan said

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