PM Imran rolls out Rs120 billion relief package for inflation-hit public

Imran Khan Charter of Economy

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday announced what is dubbed as the “biggest relief package” worth Rs120 billion people to reduce the impact of growing inflation on people.

In his address to nation, the premier said that the government will extend a thirty percent subsidy on ghee, cooking oil, and daal for six months to 20 million families across the country.

However, he did not explain whether this subsidy will be extended through utility stores or some other channel.

PM Imran Khan highlighted that growing prices in the international markets are driving prices of commodities upward in the country, adding that the government could not do anything to control the inflation caused by global factors.

Imran Khan pointed out that higher price of essential commodities is an international phenomenon. According to Bloomberg Commodity index, the prices of commodities have increased by fifty percent in one year time. However, inflation in our country is nine percent.

He said that the prices of petroleum prices will also go up in order to tackle the growing deficit. He said the price of petrol in India stands at Rs250 per litre and Rs200 in Bangladesh.

He also announced to launch Kamyab Pakistan program to uplift the marginalised segment of society. The premier said that the government will provide interest-free loans to families under this program.

Earlier in the day, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry stated in a tweet the relief package will prove to be a milestone in reducing the hardships of the people facing skyrocketing inflation.

He said alleviating the sufferings of the people is the priority of the premier and that he will go to any extent to provide relief to them.

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