PM, his cabinet members ignorant of Constitution: Ghani



Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has said that we want development in all parts of Sindh including Karachi but it seems that the Prime Minister and his ministers, who are ignorant of the constitution, are not taking it seriously.

The Chief Minister of Sindh did not respond to the insult made by the Federal Minister in the meeting of the Core Committee at that time nor did he say this on our behalf. However, a secret letter from the Chief Minister of Sindh to the Prime Minister

It was not only leaked but also leaked to the media.  The popularity of the PPP can be gauged from the fact that even today people of different political and religious parties are joining it with gusto and even today Saleem Bandhani, a two-time member of the Sindh Assembly of the MuttahidaQaumi Movement and has joined the PPP.

He expressed these views at a press conference at his camp office on Saturday.  Former Member Sindh Assembly of MuttahidaQaumi Movement Saleem Bandhani, Ali Rashid, General Secretary of PPP Karachi Division and former Provincial Minister JavedNaguri, former MQM Joint Secretary of different areas of Karachi who joined PPP were also present on the occasion.  Unit and sector in-charges and members Muhammad Kashif, Naveed-ur-Rehman, Zahid Pasha, Haider Ali, Faisal and others were also present with him.  Ghani said that he not only welcomes Saleem Bandhani and others who joined today but also hopes that their participation will further strengthen the PPP in urban areas across Sindh including Karachi.  ۔

On this occasion, Saleem Bandhani said that joining our PPP today saddens the fact that in the past the injustice done to the urban areas of Sindh province and the injustice done to the people here by the PPP

Ali Rashid said that even now contacts are being made with various like-minded parties including MQM and inshallah PPP will bring majority in all urban areas of Sindh in the coming local body elections.  Responding to media questions on the occasion, Saeed Ghani said that all the witnesses were witnessing the indignity shown by Federal Minister Ali Zaidi in the working committee meeting.

He said that he himself was present in the meeting and there was no gossip. However, the attitude and style of Ali Zaidi towards the Chief Minister of Sindh was very inappropriate.

He said that the Chief Minister of Sindh did not respond to his insults during or after the meeting. However, he not only complained to Asad Umar who was present at the meeting but also told him that he had written a letter to the Prime Minister.

He said that no such thing has been said by the Chief Minister of Sindh or any cabinet minister since January 16 but the secret letter written by the Chief Minister of Sindh to the Prime Minister in this regard. He said that it was a secret letter and it was written to the Prime Minister, which was not only leaked by a minister but also leaked to the media, which not only proves his incompetence and incompetence but also his.  He also brought to the notice of the people the ongoing work for the development of Karachi.


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