PM directs for quick repatriation of Nawaz Sharif Stresses aggressive strategy against Opposition


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Prime Minister Imran Khan, while deciding to adopt an aggressive strategy against the opposition, has directed the government to expedite steps to return Mian Nawaz Sharif from London.
According to sources, an important meeting of the political committee was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister in which the latest political situation of the country was discussed.
The Prime Minister decided to adopt an aggressive strategy against the opposition and has briefed the party leaders on the guidelines.
It was decided in the meeting that corruption cases would be brought to a logical conclusion in any case, now the opposition will not get any concession. The Prime Minister also directed to expedite the steps for the return of Nawaz Sharif.
The meeting also deliberated on the anti-state rhetoric of the opposition parties and decided to give a strong reply.
Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the participants of the meeting to take stern action against those violating the law. Prime Minister Imran Khan cautioned that a second wave of the novel coronavirus may hit cities with a high level of pollution in the coming months as the winter season approaches. While addressing the Clean Green Index Award ceremony in Islamabad, the premier said
that several cities, where pollution levels are high, experience smog during October and November, when temperatures start to drop.
“I fear that in these two months — October and November […] cities like Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Gujranwala, where there is more pollution […] there might be a second spike in coronavirus cases. The cases are rising gradually and we hope that they don’t increase quickly and we are monitoring it,” he told participants of the event.
He further said that during the winter, “pollution becomes stagnant in the atmosphere”, leading to the spread of diseases.
The premier, highlighting his government’s policies during the coronavirus pandemic, said that the World Health Organisation has praised Pakistan’s Covid-19 strategy.
“Pakistan not only saved its people, but we also saved the economy,” he said. The prime minister lamented how Pakistan’s various cities such as Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi used to be “clean” but were now suffering from pollution.
“People used to drink Peshawar’s water as if it was mineral water,” he said.
Speaking about Karachi, he said that trash and garbage could be found scattered on the metropolis’ streets. “Sewerage is being disposed of in the sea, causing hurdles for fishermen.”

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