PM and polio eradication


Polio virus has been spreading in Pakistan and people are getting affected of this deadly disease that leads to lifelong paralysis. Whereupon this year, 53 cases of polio virus have been reported in the country: 41 from KP and its tribal districts, 5 from Punjab, 4 from Balochistan and 3 from Sindh.
In 2018, only 12 and in 2017 merely 8 cases were reported but annually this amount is rising which obviously needs immediate attention. Fortunately, keeping the worrisome situations in mind, PM Imran Khan on Wednesday called a meeting to overcome polio virus. At the meeting, he expressed “serious concern” over the recent spike in polio cases in the country and directed federal and provincial government officials to undertake effective awareness and immunisation campaigns so that the disease can be kept in check. I really appreciate PM’s efforts and hope that soon polio will be eliminated.