Plantation from dew in water-scarce areas considered


The Forest Department has started looking into growing saplings from dew in deserts and water-scarce areas.

In view of the daily increasing scarcity of water, while appreciating the idea of Saqib Mehmood, Chief Conservator of the Forestry Department, to grow plants from dew, Minister of Forests Syed Abbas Ali Shah and Secretary Forests Shahid Zaman directed to work on it.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the minister for forests and the secretary directed Chief Conservator Saqib Mehmood to prepare a briefing on the project after which a plan of action would be drawn up for the implementation of this idea.

Saqib Mehmood said that in view of the possible shortage of water in near future, finding an alternative solution to irrigated planting and using modern technology had become inevitable. He said that complete recommendations would be prepared and submitted to the Provincial Minister and Forestry Secretary for quick consideration on the objectives and methods of producing saplings from dew.