PIA issues new rules for cabin crew, passengers


KARACHI The management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has issued new rules for the cabin crew and passengers after the incident of a fight between travelers and staffer during a foreign flight, ARY News reported on Thursday. In order to resolve the issue of bulkhead seats, the administration issued special instructions to the flight attendants after writing a letter to cabin crew members sent by the PIA’s Manager Flight Services. The manager pointed out that few passengers engage into fight and misconduct with crew members after occupying the bulkhead seats of the air craft without paying additional charges which led to delay of flights and troubles to other travelers as well. Flight attendants have been directed to maintain discipline while dealing with the passengers for the payment of additional charges of the seats. It is advised that flight supervisor should play a role in resolving the matter between passengers and cabin crew. The management warned that the passengers who are forcibly occupying the seats without paying charges will be handed over the concerned law enforcers, whereas, their details will be shared with the concerned institutions of the next station if the travelers engaged into any fight or misbehavior. It is also said that the passengers could be blacklisted by the airline over non-payment of charges. Earlier on Wednesday, it emerged that two passengers onboard an airplane of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) headed from Lahore to London engaged a brawl with air crew. The brawl that erupted on the issue of bulkhead seats turned into a brawl, between the two passengers and the staff of PIA in the flight no PK-757 en route to London