Home Business PEFMA calls for enhancing exports of domestic fan products

PEFMA calls for enhancing exports of domestic fan products

PEFMA calls for enhancing exports of domestic fan products

ISLAMABAD Representatives from Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association (PEFMA) held a meeting with senior officials of Engineering Development Board (EDB) to chalk out a plan for strengthening the local fan industry and further enhancement of exports from this important sector. The meeting was chaired by CEO-EDB and participated by Chairman, Rafique Engineering Industries Ltd (Royal Fans), Director Development, Lahore Fans, Director, Champion Fans, representative from National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA). CEO-EDB informed that under the present Government’s “Make in Pakistan” strategy, the Government is working towards enabling engineering sector to substantially enhance its exports from the current level of US$ 1.3 billion over the next ten years. He informed that this target can only be achieved if we concentrate on identification of new and untapped markets, increase export of value added products, and make coordinated marketing efforts towards prospective customers. The PEFMA representatives informed that the fan industry comprises of about 150 small and medium size units, with current exports of around US$ 26 million and employees approx. 20,000 people, however the exports have declined in the past few years due to various issues faced by the industry. CEO-EDB informed that the industry is well within its right to demand incentives from the Government, however this must be backed up with a business case to enhance exports and revenues to the exchequer in the medium to long term.


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