PHC CJ displeased worth political gatherings inside educational institutions


Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC), Qaisar Rasheed in his remarks the other day, expressed displeasure over political gatherings in educational institutions. The CJ PHC said that holding political gatherings inside the educational institutions was much regrettable as these institutions were specific for imparting education to students and not for po-litical clout or power exhibition.

Educational institutions where our future builders are studying, must be kept clear of politics, the Chief Justice said and added that if one party holds political gatherings inside a college or school then other political parties will also do the same that may badly affect the environment of academic institu-tions.

Talking about protest demonstration at Assembly Chowk and in front of the High Court, Justice Qaisar Rasheed said such demonstration must not be allowed as it badly disrupts the vehicular traffic system in the entire city. The CJ PHC asked that what the departments concerned were doing? He directed the Advocate General to inform the provin-cial government about the concern of the court in this regard.

The Advocate General KP, Shumail Butt told the court that the IGP KP and administration would be informed about this issue. He said a meeting with the Chief Secretary was also due in this connection.

The CJ said that it was the failure of the administra-tion as these protestors did not come through para-chutes adding the protestors should be stopped be-fore they reach the Assembly Chowk and in front of the High Court.

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