Baccalaureate career-related programme | By Uzma Shujjat


Baccalaureate career-related programme

THE International Baccalaureate (IB) launched its Career-related Programme (CP) in 2012; making this year its 10-year anniversary.

The idea behind this programme was to meet the needs of students between the ages of 16-19 who already have a specific career in mind or a passion/skillset that needs evolving.

Over a decade, the programme has grown exponentially and is now adopted by 310 schools across 48 countries.

Although it is not yet offered by schools in Pakistan, last year, the CP was officially recognized by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) for the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Humanities group, and soon students in Pakistan will be able to benefit from this unique style of education.

The CP is the best of both worlds – it combines a quality academic foundation with real hands-on career experience.

Students undertake a minimum of two Diploma Programme (DP) courses, a core consisting of four components (CP Core) and a career-related study.

This way, students receive theoretical and real-world approaches to learning and skills and competencies required to launch directly into a career or excel in further study.

CP students gain transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, writing and cross-cultural engagement – leading them towards higher education, apprenticeships and employment.

The CP Core incorporates all elements of the IB education system, meaning the focus remains on lifelong skills that students will need in the workplace and their contribution to society as global citizens.

The CP core enhances student’s personal and interpersonal development, with an emphasis on experiential learning.

The CP core bridges the IB academic courses and the career-related study and provides students with a combination of academic and practical skills.

This includes elements such as linguistic proficiency, resilience, maturity and responsibility, time management skills, a strong work ethic and social and communication skills.

Job interview practice, creating a CV, and how best to make difficult decisions around ethical dilemmas in a professional setting are also part of the CP Core. It is in the CP Core that universities and employers find intrinsic value in the curriculum.

In a fast-paced, digital-first society, schools must develop students who are self-confident, skilled and career-ready learners.

The CP is purpose-built for students pursuing their dream career or passion. There are no limits.

For parents concerned about their child’s admission into international universities, the CP is recognized in universities and colleges across North America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The IB is already in discussion with local schools for CP accreditation and we invite more on board as we seek to provide a different path to students – a path that provides them professional and technical development, building in them troubleshooting, strategizing and networking skills.

A qualification which embeds in its pupils the will to overcome all problems through disciplined learning.

—The writer is the International Baccalaureate’s Regional Manager for Pakistan, Iran and the Nordic region and liaisons with the Government of Pakistan and top-tier universities to establish recognition of the IB system.


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