PFA fails to check extensive use of antibiotics in poultry and dairy feed Lethal for human heath, say UHS VC


Amraiz Khan

The extensive use of growth promoter Antibiotics in dairy and poultry feed is causing serious problem of Anti biotic drug resistance known as Extensive Drug Resistance (XDR) in human body in Pakistan, a letter written to Prime Minister by a pharmacist revealed.
Health authorities in Pakistan have reported an ongoing outbreak of XDR, typhoid fever, severe intestinal disorder and other diseases related to XDR and Salmonella. Salmonella is found in animals and causes typhoid fever.
In USA, Europe and other advanced countries of the World, the use of growth promoters Antibiotics in animal feed was discontinued from the year 2005 but it is still continued in Pakistan. The relevant department Punjab Food Authority is completely responsible for such violations in the Punjab Province.
Professor Dr. Javed Akram, President, Pakistan Society of Internal Medicines and Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences (UHS) when contacted said that extensive use of growth promoter antibiotics is on rise in Pakistan and PFA is fully responsible for this violation. PFA should take immediate action against the violators. He said that EDR widely known as XDR causes allergy, kidney failure, lever failure and many other diseases. He said that use of antibiotics and hormones is also hazardous to poultry workers.
It is worth mentioning here that due to outbreak of EDR disease in Pakistan, USA and European countries have already cautioned their travellers about the risks of EDR in Pakistan. This warning has significant adverse effect on tourism industry in Pakistan, the letter spoke.
It says, “Extensive use of antibiotics in Dairy and Poultry results in transfer of Antibiotic drugs from animal products such as milk, meat, eggs and by-products to humans and further causing EDR”. Antibiotics are administered to ensure a safe passage and many times even the butchers offer antibiotics to birds.