Perverted, parenting produces Shahnawaz | By Nighat Leghari


Perverted, parenting produces Shahnawaz

A few news reports read: 1.A US citizen named Shahnawaz son of renowned journalist hailing from a privileged class of society and newly wedded (three months) killed his wife hitting her head with a dumbbell and then dumped her into a bathroom tubfull of water, has been arrested with hands soaked in blood.

His mother was also present in the same house but she claims not to hear any outstanding voices from the room of her son.

2.Noor Mukadam a girl of 27 years was killed by her boyfriend named Zahir Jaffer. She went to his home, they took dinner and after a few hours he raped her, chopped off limbs of her body and then “Beheaded” her.

3. A few youngsters held a girl of 16 years from their nearby house while she was alone at home.

They raped her massively, then torn her stomach and inserted a burning peace of her trouser to her stomach and when she took the last breath they stamped a word “Satisfaction” on her forehead with her own blood.

4.A newspaper “Time from Hong Kong” has revealed a horrible story of Pakistan (with its horrible comments).

A pretty young girl of 18 years was victimized by a landlord husband. He threw acid on her, the acid burned her face and long beautiful hair, fused her lips and decomposed her body.

The up mentioned episodes are the routine of the day. I take all this brutal behaviour of the people towards each other a fault of the parents.

They are the original culprits, not the new generation. Have they ever bothered to discover and go through the facts file of this brutal behaviour of the younger generation?

Parenting is not an easy job, it is the greatest responsibility of parenthood to make their children through and through, true human beings parents consciously or unconsciously have deviated their children from the righteous path and diverted them to negative activities.

The high level preoccupation of temporal human life by the parents leave no time with them to keep close watch to their children.

They are awfully busy to earn more and more wealth by fair and unfair means to provide all the facilities and luxuries of life to their children to make their life easy and comfortable.

Then the ease loving children misuse all the facilities negatively. Parents have not catered their children to their psychological and spiritual requirements.

Children have been left to the mercy of paid nannies or the baby sisters. In the past in the joint family system the children were close to their grandparents who used to narrate them the true stories of the heroes of the history about their chivalries and righteousness for building their characters.

Now children have to watch the fictious heroes with their concocted stories of bravery. They learn how to use a weapon, first they use the toy gun and then they take the original one.

No doubt that time has brought a great change globally in all the social set up and this is a computer era which has opened up the new spectrum to the new generation.

Factually the un-Islamic and unbalanced system of our society nourished all restlessness and bad ways to our new generation.

Parents have not introduced their children with the Islamic commands consequently new generation has become terrorists, extremists and aggressive.

Our religious commands which are fixed on us are a complete code of life which give peace of mind.

It has a complete harmony with the nature of the man. Islam does not favour to casting away the opportunities to avail variety of pleasures but within that circle which the Allah Almighty has drawn for mankind.

If we build our life based on truth, kindness, sacrifice, justice and brotherhood no morbidity of mind can over power a man.

The Holy Qur’an reads, “There comes to you a light and clear Holy Book from Allah with the guidance and truth, who will follow it, will be most successful.

—The writer is senior journalist based in Germany.


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