People with power of vote to destroy conspiracy: Naeem


Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Hafiz NaeemurRehman has appealed to the people of Karachi to come out of their homes on January 15 and thwart the plots of those who sabotaged the local elections. The people, with the power of their vote, take revenge from those who tried to destroy and destroy the city in the past and once again push Karachi into the darkness of the past.

The collusion and collaboration of People’s Party and MQM destroyed Karachi, the powers and resources of Karachi’s institutions were taken away and the mandate of the people was sold.

After all the attempts and conspiracies to postpone the elections have failed, we demand to prevent the attempts to sabotage the elections, to make the elections free, transparent and peaceful and to ensure that every voter can vote freely, Army and Rangers should be deployed at every polling station. For this, we have sent letters to the Chief Election Commission, then the Chief Secretary and the Federal Ministry of Defense and Interior. Now we will also write to Army Chief, DG Rangers and Corps Commander.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at IdaraNoor-e-Haq on Wednesday.SG Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi MunamZafar Khan, Raja Arif Sultan, and Information Secretary ZahidAskari were also present on this occasion. Apart from this, Hafiz NaeemurRahman visited the district qaideen in connection with the local body election campaign.Addressed a corner meeting at NishtarBasti, KarnalBasti, Baloch Para, PakhtoonChowk, Bajaur Bara and Garden East ChandniChowk and inaugurated the election office at Isa Nagri, along with District AmeerSaifuddin Advocate, GS Waleed Ahmed and Municipal Candidates were also present.

Hafiz NaeemurRehman while addressing the press conference and corner meetings said that the continuous increase in armed robberies and street crimes in the city and the loss of precious human lives in them has created a severe sense of insecurity among the people and the Chief Minister

They say that I have taken notice of them. What is the use of taking such notices and the police department when people do not get security and peace? We ask that the powers of Rangers in the city should be increased for this.

Hafiz NaeemurRahman said that the Election Commission of Pakistan has the authority under Article 220 that the army and Rangers can be called to make the elections peaceful and free and to protect the votes of the people.

Use this constitutional authority for peaceful and transparent elections, because the parties who have seen their defeat in the municipal elections are clear and they have seen the tendency of the people that the people want a Jamaat-e-Islami mayor in Karachi.

Hafiz NaeemurRahman said that the federal and provincial governments are not doing anything for Karachi, the people who voted for them in the national elections, none of them came to the people after being elected, 14 MNAs and 28 MPAs of PTI. But till today no representative has raised his voice to solve the problems of Karachi, regarding quota system and census, PTI and MQM have together killed the people of Karachi.As a result of the Zardari Treasury Doctrine, the process of party manipulation and destruction of Karachi continues and all of them together want to fool the citizens of Karachi once again. The people of Karachi have a golden opportunity on January 15. Reject the parties who have done nothing for Karachi, let the people die from those who have destroyed and destroyed the city by doing the politics of linguistics and nihilism for 35 years.

He said that the people of Karachi have woken up and will not be subjected to any politics in which the people will be misled by talking about linguistics and nihilism. The people of Karachi have known all those people who have exploited the people and deprived the people. They have created personal properties by using them, they have not made any new plans for the people of Karachi, which were old plans, they have also eaten their money.The problem of K Electric is non-supply of ventilation. Jamaat-e-Islami has always represented the people. We have fought the case of the people of Karachi in the streets and courts. And will start the journey of progress where Nimatullah Khan left off.

Saifuddin Advocate has said that January 15 is a ray of hope for the people of Karachi, all the citizens living in Karachi should stamp the election symbols of Jamaat-e-Islami in maximum number and make the nominated candidates of Jamaat-e-Islami successful.