People urged to win freedom and end slavery


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters continued to appear in streets of Srinagar and other areas urging Kashmiris to forge greater unity to get rid of India’s brutal occupation and break chains of slavery like Afghans did against the foreign occupation.

The posters were displayed by Jammu and Kashmir Falah Party in Pantha. Chowk ,Aripora ,Zewan areas of Srinagar.

The posters read that if Afghans could not be stopped from winning freedom by world major powers, how the people of Kashmir could be en-slaved for long by a relatively far weaker foreign occupying country like India.

The posters said, success is in Almighty Allah’s hand and we must remain united and firm in our struggle against the Indian illegal occupation to achieve our right to self-determination.—KMS

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