PDMA forms Monsoon Contingency Plan for KP


Staff Reporter


Monsoon contingency Planning has been initiated at provincial and district levels to assess the level of vulnerabilities in a systematic way and to map out resources available with all stakeholders, thereby an integrated mechanism is devised for swift response to the impending disaster situation during monsoon season, In this regard PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has formulated provincial Monsoon Contingency Plan for the year, 2020 with support from all line departments and district disaster management units, which provided all the base line first hand information.
The document is brief and comprehensive and is based on the principle of automated formal systemic responses after first time initiation. Lastly the COVId-19 pandemic and locust attack during this year makes the document unique and unprecedented. Similarly, the District Monsoon Contingency Plan, 2020 contains indicators for all the districts.

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