PDM withering away: Firdous Says state land worth Rs181b retrieved so far



Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday said that December has passed and now the last week of January has also come but neither the opposition members resigned from the assemblies, nor there is any sign of a long march.
“February and March will also come and go but it will bring about the end of the dead horse of PDM. Now, Maulana should prepare for leading the funeral prayer of this unnatural alliance.”
According to details, Firdous Ashiq Awan pointed out that no-confidence motion of the PDM will not come yet as they are paper lions. “The fake princess, the prince and the Maulana have started distributing lentils in their shoes and it was writing on the wall that this unnatural alliance will not last long”, she said, adding that the prince of Sindh has done his trick while the fake princesses are also hoping but what happened to Maulana was bound to happen. Those who did not care about the lives of the people during Corona have now become a symbol themselves.
SACM Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that this marriage of convenience (PDM) will not succeed as it is bound to fail. “She said that Prince has made his move but the princess is still hoping. The faces of the maids are pale and they are trembling.” She said that the PDM is withering away and now Maulana should prepare himself to offer the funeral prayer of this unnatural alliance as he deserves whatever happened with him. Disgrace is the fate of those who put the lives of the people in danger during Corona pandemic.
The SACM said that on the directives Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, a merit-based operation is being carried out against land mafia without any political pressure. She said that the anti-corruption establishment had retrieved thousands of acres of land worth over Rs181 billion from the illegal occupation of the influential persons during the PTI regime as compared to retrieval of land worth only Rs2.6 billion during the 10 years of the PML-N government adding that in Punjab the “royal family” had been supporting the land mafia and 50 top PML-N leaders were involved in land grabbing.
Dr. Firdous said the Anti-Corruption Punjab had retrieved more than 460 acres of land from these 50 people associated with the N-League alone and also recovered more than Rs3.42 billion. She said that the corrupt royal family had seized 446 acres of valuable land in Raiwind after 2013 which was being investigated by NAB. She said that “zillay subhani” first changed the master plan of Lahore and then bought the valuable land worth billions of rupees in pennies. The priests of money looted billions for their own benefit.
Dr. Firdous said that a major operation was carried out against Khokhar brothers in Lahore for retrieving 38 kanals of government land. The Lahore district administration got vacated 38 kanals of government land from the Khokhar brothers.
She said that the value of the land was about one billion rupees. The structures and shops on 38 kanals of land were demolished, she added.


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