PDM rallies part of ‘Corona spread’ drive: Ch Sarwar PA deputy speaker discusses various issues during meeting governor


Amraiz Khan

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that rallies of the opposition will be part of the “Corona Spread” campaign and will serve no purpose in anyway.
“It is not the time to fight against the government, rather it’s time to fight against Corona. Opposition rallies are by no means in the interest of the nation.”
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar was talked with Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly (PA) Sardar Dost Mazari who called on him at Governor’s House here on Friday.
The governor and the deputy speaker discussed various issues including prevailing political affairs in the country. Talking on the occasion, the Punjab governor said that today all the institutions including parliament and democracy are getting stronger as the present government believes in strength of institutions because only strong institutions can lead the country towards prosperity and development. Ch Sarwar said that the government is strong and stable. “The government will complete its constitutional term regardless of opposition’s rallies. Therefore, the opposition should also understand that it is only trying unsuccessfully to keep itself politically alive by holding rallies.”
The Punjab governor said that we want to take Pakistan forward and our opponents want to take Pakistan back. Inshallah Pakistan will continue to move forward with success. For the first time, the present government has put an end to political interference in the institutions. Prime Minister Imran Khan is on a mission to make the country prosperous. Full implementation of SOPs at all levels is essential to prevent corona, he added.
During the meeting, Ch Sarwar further said that the Federal and Punjab governments are taking practical steps to address the problems of the common man. Projects such as the Ehsas program are proving successful in overcoming problems such as poverty.
On the occasion, Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Mohammad Mazari said that the nation has full confidence in the Prime Minister and the intentions of opposition will fail. He said that the opposition should give up the politics of rallies and they should comply with the SOPs.

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