PDM moving from pillar to post for NRO: Firdous Regrets tall claims of long march, resignations already deflated


Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to CM on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said the PDM leadership is moving from pillar to post for an NRO.
She said the rejected cabal stands nowhere and defame and frustration would be its fate. “Regrettably, the Jati Umra Queen and her bondmaids are trying their best to clinch power while the boy-prince has set apart. The Maulana should realise that both the Jati Umra queen and the boy-prince have cheated him, she added. The SACM declared that the PDM will never get an NRO and looters will be held accountable at any cost. The SACM emphasized that tall claims of long march and resignations have already been deflated and the elements that spread corona in the people have lost their remaining credibility as well, she said.
Meanwhile, the number of corona patients has reached 142835 as 19 patients died and 777 new cases were reported during the last 24 hours in Punjab. The total number of corona related deaths is 4203 in the province, concluded the CM.
Special Assistant to CM on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the public interest has always been the priority of PM Imran Khan. Therefore, the prime minister is bringing out holistic reforms to make Pakistan a true welfare state on the model of the State of Madinah.
The SACM was addressing a press conference after a visit to Utility Stores’ Mega Mall at Multan Chungi, Mansoora on Thursday.
Talking to media, Dr Firdous said the welfare of the hoi polloi is the core agenda of PTI-led government and hence, the government is endeavoring hard to ensure the availability of quality food items on low price at all utility stores across the province. The government is also taking stern action against hoarders, profiteers and anti-people mafia and has further decided to monitor the prices of commodities in marts and cash & carry stores to facilitate the people, she added. She reiterated that the people could not be left at the mercy of hoarders and added that any negligence would not be tolerated.
The Special Assistant said that the corruption, nepotism and unwanted subsidies of the former government destroyed institutions but the PTI government was pursuing a comprehensive policy to make institutions strong and self-sufficient. She said the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) had an annual loss of Rs14 billion; but thanks to the PTI’s people-friendly policies, the USC made a profit of Rs46 million in December 2020. She said the government was determined to provide maximum relief to the masses and all practical steps were being taken in this regard.
Responding to a question, the Special Assistant said the government strongly condemned the terrorist activity in Mach area of Balochistan and urged the protesting members of Hazara community to bury the bodies of their loved ones as Prime Minister Imran Khan would visit them soon.
Dr Firdous further said that PML-N was notorious for its politics over dead bodies and Begum Safdar is following the same tradition of her party over the Mach victims. She said if the relatives of the martyrs asked Mariyam and Bilawal about the snakes in the PDM then what would they answer? She said Begum Safdar was continuously encouraging fifth columnists with her irresponsible and controversial statements.
This is the time to go beyond politics and stand united for the national interest, advised the SACM.

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