PDM meetings will bear no fruits: Akhtar

Staff Reporter

PTI Central Punjab deputy information secretary Rana Akthar Hussain has said Maryam Safdar, Hamza Shehbaz and Fazal ur rehman meetings will bear no fruits as PDM is scattered now.

The corrupts alliance who is responsible for Pakistan’s current problems has no political agenda nor they have any direction.

After PPP denial to resign from parliament these political parties are now hiding their faces.

Rana Sanaullah wish for march is nothing more then a fools wish to live in paradise.They cant dare to hold dharna or political march.

While talking to media persons this Sunday Rana Akthar hussain said that PTI govt is stable and strong now.

PTI is now in a better position to pass laws with its majority in NA and senate with the help of its allies.

Its PTI govt priority for next two and half years is to ease public problem by economic development and lowering the prices.

He further said that opposition hue and cry is to divert the attention from accountability.They wil never succeed in this agenda and they will reap what they had sown.