Basharat slams Maryam and Safder on defaming state organs

Staff Reporter

Reacting to Maryam Nawaz’s speech at the PML-N Youth Convention on Sunday, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said that Maryam’s slogan of taking workers to NAB on March 26 was a proof of irrationality as she was already facing cases for attacking NAB.

He termed Maryam’s announcement as an attack on a constitutional body and said that Maryam wanted to put pressure on a constitutional body like NAB to cover up her and her family’s corruption.

“But the law will strictly deal with such negative tactics.” He warned that no concessions would be made to anyone who would take the law into his own hands.

Raja Basharat reminded Maryam Nawaz to keep in mind that she and her father were already out on bail in NAB cases.

“Don’t let them lose the concession given by NAB due to such moves.” He advised. Raja further said that in fact, after the disintegration of PDM, Maryam was bewildered and wanted to avenge her worst defeat from innocent and poor workers.

“Maryam Bibi, remember that such threats will bring further embarrassment to you.

It is better not to risk the remaining honor of yourself and the party.” he added.

Responding to Captain Safdar’s criticism on DG ISI, Raja Basharat said that the way he was challenging a constitutional body and trying to drag it into politics, he would not be allowed to play this nefarious game.

Raja said that the government would not tolerate the manner in which Captain Safdar was defaming national institutions and