Parwan capital’s name changed from Charikar to Imam Azam



Local officials in central Parwan province have changed the name of the provincial capital from Charikar to Imam Azam.

Imam Azam (The Great Imam) refers to Imam Abu Hanifa, who was a Muslim theologian and jurist who became the eponymous founder of the Hanafi school of Sunni jurisprudence.

Local officials said that good names will have positive effects on the behavior of people.

“A good name will have positive effect on the people and the city. A name should have academic, cultural, religious or political importance,” said Obaidullah Amin Zada, the governor of Parwan province.

Other officials said that Imam Abu Hanifa hails from Charikar city, and naming the city after him is a source of pride.

“Imam Abu Hanifa belongs to our city… it (naming the city after him) is the biggest source of pride,” said Mohammad Idrees Anwari, deputy governor of Parwan.—Ariana news