Cold storage facilities established in logar to hold produce



Eight cold storage facilities intended to hold agricultural products have been built by the World Food Program in Pul-e Alam and two other districts of Logar, which cost 59 million Afghani.

“These cold rooms will be made by 60 percent of the government budget and 40 percent budget of the farmers,” said Sayed Aminullah Hashimi, head of the agriculture and livestock department In Logar.

Officials of the agricultural and livestock department in Logar said there are a number of other projects aimed at planting trees (both fruit-bearing and not) and increasing groundwater levels, which has provided work for about two thousand people.

“In this project, 2,000 workers are working in three districts, and we pay salaries for them monthly,” said Esmatullah Atal, head of the provincial manager of the human resources development department in Logar.

Meanwhile, some Logar residents are happy with the construction and operation of these agricultural projects.

“This project has lots of benefits, the first one is to control our water and the second one is to make the area green,” said Agha Mohammad Sediqi, a Logar resident.

“They pay us 8,500 afghanis monthly and we are happy with this project,” said Yaar Mohammad, a Logar resident.

Meanwhile, to increase the productivity of farmers and gardeners, last week, the work of the water supply project, worth more than $60,000 also started in the province.—Ariana news