Pakistan’s macroeconomic stability ‘topic of conversation’ within US govt: Ned Price

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Washington: The United States has said that Pakistan’s macroeconomic stability is a topic of conversation within the US government, adding that Washington wants to see Pakistan in an “economically sustainable position”.

While addressing a press conference on Wednesday, US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price was asked whether the United States was planning to give debt relief to Pakistan as Islamabad’s forex reserves have below $5 billion.

Ned Price said the US is “attuned” to this challenge. Referring to the talks between the Pakistani government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he mentioned that the US is supportive where it can be of its partner — Pakistan.

As Pakistan continues efforts to persuade the IMF to disburse $1.18 billion to Islamabad, the United States has maintained that the relaxation of conditions is a decision for the IMF to take.

Earlier this month, Ned Price had said that the US wants to see Islamabad continue down the path of reform.

Relaxation of conditions to be decided by IMF: Ned Price

“We want to be a partner. We will continue to be a partner to Pakistan when it comes to all of [its] priorities, whether it’s security…economic…or humanitarian,” Ned Price had said.