Pakistan’s inefficiency keeps it on FATF’s grey list


Irfan Aligi


The recent decision by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to keep Pakistan on its grey List until February 2020 is an outcome of Pakistan’s inefficient and slow-speed in meeting all FATF requirements.
This was stated by Javed Jabbar, former Senator and Federal Minister, whose views have appeared in the November 2019 issue of Monthly SouthAsia ( as part of the magazine’s Cover Story.
Writing in the magazine, Javed Jabbar says the concerned departments should have worked at hyper-speed to meet all criteria. India, he says, works overtime to corner Pakistan in FATF, as a co-Chair of its Asian Committee. For Pakistan, according to him, its retention on the grey list should spur emergency-level action and signal even greater vigilance for future.
In the article, Javed Jabbar has said that Pakistan’s negative image in the world needs to be corrected by showing zero-tolerance for extremism and militancy, and continuously focusing the world’s attention on Kashmir. Pakistan must formulate and implement a comprehensive, multi-dimensional strategy in this regard.
He writes that Pakistan needs to initiate a vigorous campaign in conventional and innovative public diplomacy to get international support on Kashmir by using both media and non-media instruments. ‘Any weakness on our part in permitting irresponsible elements to offer India material on a platter for exploitation will seriously damage the case we present for the rights of Kashmir.

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