Pakistani tycoon weighs daughter with gold bricks in big fat wedding in Dubai (VIDEO)


DUBAI – The taste for extravagant weddings continues unabated in South Asia, with more and more Pakistanis jumping on the bandwagon with each passing day.

When it comes to luxury events for wedding events, only a few can manage to rival the events of elites who tap all untouched corners to make nuptials unique as it glamorises their status.

After showering gold coins to rain dollars, Pakistanis have seen every gimmick possible and one such event becomes the talk of the town in which a businessman weighed his daughter in gold on her big day.

The profligate event, which is no different than the ancient Hindu royal custom ‘tuladhana’, soon made headlines as social media users catch the air and the clips from the event went viral, triggering debate. The clip shows a rich family weighing the bride on a scale with gold bricks. The unverified reports claimed it to be around 69 kg of bullion.

As the family attempted to go at length, it apparently irked social media users, with netizens slamming the family for the sheer display of wealth.

Keyboard warriors even suggested businessman to donate the gold to earthquake victims or do charity back at home where people are battling to get basic commodities. Some people called it an absolute reminder of the divide between the super-rich and the common man.

For the unversed, Mughal emperor Jalal-ud-din Akbar etched his name in history books for weighing his son in gold coins as part of the celebration of his birthday.