Pakistani boy makes world’s smallest operational vacuum cleaner


Ahsan Qayyum, Pakistan’s record holder miniature artist, added another feather to his cap as he developed world’s smallest operational vacuum cleaner.

The Guinness World Records has recognised the achievement of making a machine with 1.3cm dimension. He has broken three Indian records in a row.

Qayyum explained his story on Instagram, stating, “In March 2020, I saw this record on Guiness World Record’s website, which was made by an Indian guy. I decided to break this record. After planning for it for 4 months, I decided to do the official attempt on 4th of October 2020. As I am known for working on pencils, I decided not to leave this medium and made the machine’s body using a pencil by carving its wood from inside to set the machine within the pencil”.

“I did the attempt considering the record of 2.9 cm and executed my attempt on 1.9 cm,” he said, adding that he later applied for the record.

After three months, he got a mail of acceptance of his attempt. “Then I submitted the evidences of its working process etc. But, during my application process, an another Indian Man emerged with his record of making it to 1.76 cm which was breaking even my record of 1.9 cm xD. This disillusioned me so badly xD”.

The miniature artist said that he had develop a 1.4cm machine to set the record, adding that he requested his record manager to give him another chance to edit the attempt.

“Luckily, my record manager was so cooperative. She gave another chance to me to start my attempt or edit it. I did amendments to it and made it to 1.46 cm and submitted all the evidence again. But, again, during my application process, an another Indian Man emerged with his record of making it to 1.4 cm which was breaking my record of 1.46 cm xD”.

He said that he again edited his attempt and develop 1.3 cm cleaner.

“So, Finally, It has got approved by Guiness World Record’s officials on 26 August 2021. Alhamdulillah!”

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