Pakistani among 10 Guantánamo prisoners set to be released

Pakistani among 10 Guantánamo prisoners set to be released

According to US authorities, 10 of the 39 remaining prisoners in Guantánamo are eligible to be transferred out.

A Pakistani named Saifullah Paracha, who spent 16 years in prison without being charged with a crime, maybe on the list. He is the oldest prisoner in the US facility in Cuba, at the age of 73.

Mr. Paracha, who is suspected of having links to Al Qaeda, was told in May that he had been cleared for release.

“Of the 39 detainees remaining at Guantánamo, 10 are eligible to be transferred out, 17 are eligible to go through the review process for possible transfer,” a senior administration official told journalists in Washington. “Another 10 are involved in the military commission process used to prosecute detainees and two have been convicted.”

When the Biden administration took office, the camp housed 40 inmates. After the release of a Moroccan prisoner on Monday, the number was reduced to 39.

Earlier on Monday, the Biden administration transferred one of the detainees to his home country for the first time, “a policy shift from the Trump presidency that repatriated a Moroccan man years after he was recommended for discharge”, The Washington Post noted.

Abdullatif Nasser was approved by a review board in July 2016 and was returned on Monday.

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