‘Pakistan will not acknowledge Israel at any cost’: Unity of Ummah Conference


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Kashmir and Palestine are burning issues of Muslim Ummah and Harmain Al-Sharifain is esteemed being center of Muslim unity and stability. Pakistan will not acknowledge Israel at any cost. Drone strikes at oil facilities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and prevailing atrocities at oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine will not be tolerated, said participants of “Unity of Ummah Conference” that held here on Monday in Islamabad. Leading clerics, religious scholars, diplomats and dignitaries of different Muslim countries, Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliky and Senate Chairman of Pakistan Sadiq Sanjrani attended the conference, which held in aegis of Pakistan Ulema Council.
Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are knotted in eternal relationship of Muslim brotherhood. Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are united for defense and security of Muslim Ummah and any attack at Saudi Arabia will be considered as attack at Muslim Ummah. The participants of the conference addressing the conference also underlined that menace of terrorism and extremism have been rendering serious challenge to Muslim world and time has come that Muslim Ummah should get united to resolve the burning challenges of Kashmir and Palestine. The conference also demanded of the world leadership to lift curfew from Indian Occupied Kashmir as Kashmiris facing worst blockade since last 50 days. The conference also stated that United Nations Organizations (UNO) should ensure implementation on its resolutions about plebiscite rights of Kashmiris.
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council (President Wafaq-ul-Masajid-e-Madaris-e-Pakistan) presided over the conference, while Chairman Senate of Pakistan Sadiq Sanjrani chaired the conference being chief guest. Among keynote dignitaries of the conference include Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliky, Ambassadors of Jordan, Baharain and delegates of Jamiat-ul-Azhar (Egypt).
Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani addressing the conference stated that entire Muslim Ummah is united with Pakistan on the stance of Pakistan. He also added that Pakistan will not acknowledge Israel at any cost. He said that Pakistan will not tolerate drone strikes at oil sites in Saudi Arabia. He also added that annexation of Jordan valley into Israeli territory is very alarming. He announced that Pakistan assures Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Pakistan will stay committed for defense and security of Harmain Al Sharifain.
Speaking with the conference Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliky stated that with the unity of Muslim Ummah, Prevailing challenges of Muslim world could be settled. He also added that Saudi leadership is committed to serve Muslim at every forum adding that Saudis feel it proud to serve devotees.
Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan Ahmed Rabbi stated that people of Palestine considers Pakistan as their second home. He lauded people of Pakistan for raising voice for the cause of Palestine at every forum.
Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi addressing the confernec stated that 50 days have to the blockade of Kashmir and the entire world is completely unaware about status of people in Kashmir. People are stuck in their homes since last two months without food and medicine. Oil sites in Saudi Arabia are being targeted which will cause economic problems for the entire world. He said that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan made a right decision to visit Saudi Arabia at this critical juncture. He said that Indian Prime Minister Narender Moodi and Israeli Prime Minister Nathenyaho playing havoc with world peace.
A resolution adopted at the conference demanded of UNO and OIC to call emergency summit and necessary measures should be taken against prevailing atrocities in Kashmir, Palestine and to contain drone strikes at oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.
Another resolution adopted at the conference felicitated Saudi Arabian King Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince Amir Muhammad bin Salman and people of Saudi Arabia on 89th National Day of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The conference also lauded services of Saudi Arabia for Islam, Muslims and humanity. The conference also appreciated role and services of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Amir Muhammad bin Salman, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa for strengthened ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Another resolution adopted at the conference demanded of world leadership to lift curfew from Kashmir, restoration of Human Rights, release of Kashmiri leadership and plebiscite rights for people of Kashmir as per resolutions of UNO.
Ambassadors from seven different Islamic countries addressed the conference and assured Pakistan to support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir at world forums. The foreign dignitaries also lauded Pakistan’s efforts on diplomatic forum for the cause of Kashmiris.


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