Pakistan to recognize Taliban govt after talks with regional countries

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Pakistan will extend recognition to the Taliban government in Afghanistan after consultation with regional countries and the international community, Ambassador Munir Akram has said.

“Pakistan will walk in lockstep with the international community,” the Pakistani envoy told BBC in response to question whether Islamabad would recognize the new Afghan government in Kabul on its own or move with the world community.

Ambassador Akram said he hoped the Taliban would form an inclusive government and that they will observe human rights and respect all the commitments that they have made to the international community.

“We are working with both the regional countries as well as the international community to ensure the next phase in Afghanistan can bring back peace and stability,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Pakistan, he said, was also helping in evacuating diplomats, employees of international agencies and journalists from Afghanistan.

The PIA, he said, is flying in three flights a day to evacuate people. Pakistani embassy in Kabul, Ambassador Akram said, was open and busy processing visas to facilitate the stranded people, and so far PIA has move 1,500 of them out of Afghanistan.

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