Pakistan played major role in peace, stability of Afghanistan: President


President Dr Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan played a major role in the peace and stability in Afghanistan. In a media interview, he said during his participation in the ECO summit, he had talked to its members that Pakistan saved Afghanistan from being isolated.

Whereas during extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of OIC in Islamabad, Pakistan portrayed actual picture of the war-torn country, he added. He said, contrary to Pakistan’s role, the president said India’s profile was diminishing due to its antics. Today, the world recognized Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiatives.

The president also stressed upon the adequate training and increased enrollment of students in the IT sector. He said the AIOU was imparting online education. The Virtual University had granted 48,000 admissions this year. Such mode of education was inexpensive and correlated with the changes taking part at the global level.

The president observed that 10 per cent of the youth could not progress to the next levels after doing their intermediate, due to financial constraints and compulsion for jobs. He said the government was providing 50,000 scholarships to the youth, stressing that online education was the future of the world and through modern initiatives, they could handle the youth bulge.

As Chairman of IT Task Force, the president also held different meetings in this regard and stressed upon skills development and training for the young people. He said huge transformation was taking place in the IT sector. He projected that country’s IT exports could swell to $8 to 10 billion by the year 2025.

“IT is a new industry of the world which requires a trained youth bulge. The world requires such human resources. Japan, Germany, US and China all require the youth bulge and Pakistan has huge scope in this regard, “he observed. The president said for the first time, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), on his direction, had framed a policy over online education.

He said that after a number of meetings with the Higher Education Commission and vice-chancellors, the HEC devised a policy to prevent and eradicate drug abuse issue in the universities. The compulsory committees of the universities were tasked to look into the issue and take certain steps whereas effective legislation was enacted.

President Dr Alvi said through strenuous efforts, they created awareness for the issues confronted by the differently abled persons. Physically retarded persons were mentally equal to normal human beings so efforts should be made to ensure their access to public places, he added. The president said that they should be imparted education with job opportunities so that they could work as independent and earn their livelihood.

About the efficacy of the Federal Ombudsman office, the president said A public complaint was being resolved within 58 average days period. Decisions were made swiftly over a wide range of complaints arising out of utility bills, CDA, WAPDA, NHA, universities, tax, insurance, banks and federal institutions, women harassment and inheritance rights.

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