Buzdar best CM


IT is delivery that matters the most in the eyes of the public and not the fiery speeches and big claims that are made by the political leaders.

Calm and humble but man of honour and dignity, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has proven that he is a sheer doer who does not care much what his critics say about him.

This is the reason that his popularity in the masses has increased.

The very survey of Institute of Public Opinion Research which has placed Usman Buzdar ahead of all the other provincial chief ministers in terms of three year performance has verified that the very choice and trust of PM Khan on Buzdar was absolutely right.

There is no denying that ever since assuming office, Usman Buzdar has worked with diligence.

Instead of pomp and show and projection, he has focused more on service delivery.

Amongst his most prominent work is that he announced mega packages worth billions of rupees for the districts which were ignored in the past.

Secondly and most importantly, the allocation of thirty five percent of total budget for South Punjab is a clear departure from the policies of previous governments which, in fact, always ignored development of this region.

Today one may himself witness the development projects being executed in each nook and corner of the province.

This approach of giving equal importance to all areas in terms of development indeed will accrue many benefits and change the whole landscape of the province.

Recently, Usman Buzdar also announced filling hundreds of thousands of jobs in the government departments.

In our view, the very graph of the Punjab CM will continue to rise and that too substantially as the people have already started taking benefit from the historic Sehat Insaaf Card initiative under which each household is getting free medical treatment from private hospitals.

Those who are serving the masses must be commended whilst rising above our personal liking and disliking.

We will also suggest the provincial government to focus more on industrialization and agriculture as supporting these productive sectors will greatly help create job opportunities for our youths.


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