Pakistan Navy observes World Hydrography Day


Pakistan Navy on Monday observed World Hydrography Day with enthusiasm and with an aim to create awareness about the importance of Hydrography and its role towards rendering our waters safer to support maritime trade and accident free marine environment.

Every year on 21 June, World Hydrography Day is celebrated across the world, to acknowledge the work done in the important field of hydrography to support safe navigation at open seas, ports and other protected marine areas around the globe

The theme selected for this year was “One hundred years of International cooperation in Hydrography” which is designed to showcase progress in knowledge and technology over the past 100 years while celebrating the ground breaking work done during this period.

Pakistan is a responsible coastal state blessed with over 1000 kms of coastline and around 290,000 sq kms sea area.

As per Conventions on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Pakistan like other coastal states is also responsible for hydrographic surveys and production of nautical charts/ maps of its waters to provide accurate nautical information for safe navigation and maritime trade.

In this regard Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department (PNHD) is aptly fulfilling this international obligation to ensure availability of updated information for Mariners who traversed through the busy shipping lane in North Arabian Sea.

To be at par with modern trends in Hydrographic Surveys, PNHD is utilizing latest technology to improvise coverage and resolution of surveys.

Pakistan Navy, being the sole proprietor of National Hydrographic domain of the country, observes the day with zeal and enthusiasm.—INP

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