Pakistan hails China’s efforts against Covid-19



Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said that China’s battle against COVID-19 had truly been the people’s fight, with the country overcoming the challenges due to the whole-government and whole-of-nation approach.

He said that the Chinese resolve and solidarity in the pandemic fight had been admirable which offered lessons for the world. “I must say that I’m so impressed (with) the way the entire Chinese nation (had) come forward under the guidance of the central government to fight the pandemic, which has been a challenge not only for China, but also for all the global humanity,” Haque said in an interview with China Daily on Thursday.

China had a decisive victory against COVID-19, Haque said and added, China is a large country of 1.4 billion people who need to have certain policies that could ensure the safety of the people. Therefore, China made a national effort to save lives,” he expressed.

Haque said that the recent adjustment in virus control measures announced by the Chinese government was based on logic, reasoning and scientific analysis. He said, even during the pan-demic, exchanges between Pakistan and China kept on going. The two sides saw trips by delegations and work on the China-Pakistan Eco-nomic Corridor continued, he added.

Now, as China has opened its borders again, there will be more exchanges and more flights from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland, and to Pakistan and other parts of the world, he said, alluding to Hong Kong’s role as a key transit hub. “And we are looking forward to this renewed exchange. I think it is also going to be a great help to stabilize the global economy,” he said.

The diplomat also expressed gratitude to the Chinese government and the Chinese people for helping Pakistan during the dif-ficult time of the pandemic. More than 60 relief flights were sent from China to Pakistan, carrying essential medicines and equipment.

Haque mentioned that Chinese vaccines had been the mainstay in Pakistan’s COVID-19 inoculation campaign. “They helped us save lives in Pakistan, they helped save lives across the globe,” Haque said. “So we are really grateful to China for playing a very leading role in the efforts against COVID-19.” China was the main supplier of vaccines not only to Pakistan, but also to the entire globe, Haque said, noting President Xi Jinping’s pledge that whenever any vaccine is developed in China, it would be a public good.—NNI