Pakistan: Former Chairman of National Defense Production Standing Committee meets Chinese Ambassador

Recently, the retired Senator Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum (former Chairman of the National Defense Production Standing Committee of the Senate) met with the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. During the meeting, Qayyum said that Pakistan’s economic growth, prosperity, and stability depend on the country’s agricultural development. There is no doubt that China can give Pakistan a huge help in the field of research.
In this meeting, the business delegation led by Qayyum included Mr. Sheikh Ijaz Asghar, CEO of Project Solutions Company, and Mr. Sheikh Nasir, Chairman, Mr. Malik Kashif, President of Pakistan Trade Organization, and Mr. Malik Aslam, President of AM Builders, Mr. Ajmal Baloch, Chairman of Anjuman-e-Tajiran, Pakistan, Sheikh Aslam, Chairman of Pakistan Traders Alliance, and Malik Maqsood, Chairman of Pak Land Builders.
Qayyum expressed his gratitude to the Chinese ambassador. He said that Pakistan is a country full of opportunities and China can independently invest in many areas, of which agriculture is a key area. In addition, Pakistan also has great potential for development in the tourism industry. Pakistan has the best tourism environment in the world but suffers from backward infrastructure. Some local airports and railway stations are under construction, and hotels and other facilities are severely lacking. Invest more in the field.


Qayyum added that Pakistan also has great potential for agricultural development. As far as the fishery is concerned, Pakistan has a coastline of 1,100 kilometers. The tuna produced by Pakistan is recognized by the world, but it has not been better. Utilization, with Chinese investment, there will be a good development in the future.
Regarding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said that CPEC is a very good lifeline of the project. Only with the joint efforts of China and Pakistan can the value of the project be realized. Under the project, the expansion of the special economic zone can be accelerated. Now Pakistan’s economic growth depends on the development of CPEC. In the process of investment, the secret of China’s development is the independence of industrial parks, including many industry training institutions, IT centers, and media centers, to establish a self-sufficient project. But looking back at Pakistan, many projects have just started, and the speed is relatively slow. He emphasized that the construction of the Gwadar Port project should be accelerated, the airport construction is also very slow, electricity and water supply should also be followed up in time, and the expansion of Qasim Port is also very important.
In the meeting, Ambassador Nong also thanked Kayoum very much, and he welcomed the delegation. He said that China will take the lead in cooperating with Pakistan on industrial and agricultural projects. Ambassador Nong expressed his appreciation to the Pakistani delegation for establishing a China-Pakistan joint business forum in the private sector and for its work plan.
Qayyum said that it has obtained about 1,000 canals of land in the Islamabad airport area and plans to build a Chinese warehouse. Pakistani buyers can buy or order Chinese goods in the area. At the same time, it will also establish a Pakistani warehouse in China. He said that under any circumstances, Pakistan hopes to provide Chinese businessmen with investment opportunities in Pakistan.
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