Pakistan, DCO to enhance cooperation in field of IT


The Federal Ministry of IT and Telecommunication Pakistan and Digital Cooperation Organization had agreed to enhance cooperation and collaboration in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication between member countries.

According to a joint statement issued here on Sunday at the end of the three-day inaugural visit to Pakistan by Secretary-General of DCO Dima AlYahya, it was also agreed to make efforts to promote public-private partnership, enhance the role of women in information technology, provide digital facilities in urban and rural areas, and to provide investment opportunities for IT professionals and start-ups to meet the challenges of the digital work.

Both organizations announced the “Pakistan Innovation Challenge” which will enable one million Pakistan K-12 students to learn digital skills by 2022.

The Pakistan Innovation Challenge was announced by the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunications Syed Aminul Haq and Secretary-General of the DCO Dima AlYahya.

The DCO, consisting of 7 founding member countries, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, and Jordan, aims to benefit from each other’s experiences, and observations, provide technical requirements for their citizens and enable market opportunities from their collective populations of 500 million people.

The DCO Secretary General’s official visit from 17-20 November to Pakistan, reinforced the importance of Pakistan as a member state of the DCO, taking place within the first year of the DCO’s establishment.

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