Pakistan applauds UN for terming Islamophobia as global terrorism

Staff Reporter

Special Representative to Prime Minister on Inter-faith Harmony Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi has said that a campaign has been launched in the coun-try to preserve sanctity of all religions.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said that vio-lence begins in society when the sanc-tity of other religions and religious beliefs are not respected.

He said that the United Nations (UN) had declared Islamophobia as the global terrorism and Pakistan had appreciated the decision.

During the current situation, he said that Pakistani society needed unity and brotherhood.

“We will contact followers of all religions and religious sects in the country and urge them to respect each other’s be-liefs,” he added.

He said that the misuse of blas-phemy or blasphemy law should be discouraged for maintaining harmony in society.

Ashrafi said that there had been no sectarian or reli-gious tensions in the last eight months due to an atmosphere of reli-gious harmony and effective poli-cies of the gov-ernment in this regard.

He said that the Constitution of Pakistan pro-tects all rights of citizens. About the holy month of Muharram, he said that every citizen should follow the rule “Don’t leave your sect, and don’t interfere with others.”

Ashrafi said that the enemy wanted to divide the nation and the upcoming two or three months would be important. He said that Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and it is with the Af-ghan peo-ple.

Ashrafi reiterated that Pakistan’s land would never be used against anyone and Pakistan hopes no for-eign land would be used against it.

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