Pakistan and the region | By Rizwan Ghani


Pakistan and the region

UNDER the UN flag, Indian Kashmir can get its independence in exchange for allowing international military bases on its territory.

It could force China to capture Indian Kashmir or make no war pact with India if it allows no foreign military bases on its border.

It is more beneficial for Beijing and Delhi to restore bilateral relations for peace and prosperity in the region. The UN should help to resolve Kashmir issue as per its resolutions.

The power centers of the world must have war-gamed many such scenarios but the failure of recent visits of US Secretaries of State and Defense to Europe and Asia have shown that there is no appetite for wars. It has changed Biden’s policies and now they are more in line with Trump.

The world is moving towards Information technology, digital-currencies and data sciences.

Only those countries will prosper, who are going to invest in these areas and respect international laws.

The global supply chains will not succeed because they benefit rich countries only. They cause massive deindustrialization, unemployment and indebtedness in developing world.

Foreign investments and outsourcing take away domestic resources, mega projects, revenue and local jobs.

The best approach is to develop domestic consumption based economy, get training and technology.

It is the correct way to maintain independent foreign policy and strong economy. This is how countries succeed and become super powers.

Nationalism is replacing globalization in post Covid world. Reportedly, Denmark will produce Covid vaccine by 2022.

Frederiksen made the announcement after expressing concerns over EU’s handling of vaccine procurement. India is latest victim of for-profit world supply chains, vaccine nationalism and diplomacy.

The USA (America First) and Britain (Brexit) have already adopted it. Pakistan should also adopt country first approach.
It is evident on military fronts also.

New Zealand has refused to become part of 5-Eyes intelligence alliance against China and it has upgraded its free-trade pact with China.

Australia’s ties with China have suffered after it cancelled Victoria State’s belt and road pact with China.

Australia has challenged China’s trade sanctions in WTO, which are causing $19bn annual loss.

It is going to be an uphill battle with little payoff. The flip-flop of India and Japan on Quad has been widely reported in international media.

Islamabad has been helping the world for the last 40 years but the size of India’s overseas population and foreign remittances show its double standards with Pakistan. The new promises with Pakistan will be equally hollow and self-serving.

Biden should order an inquiry on spending of $2T on Afghan war to expose the real faces behind America’s defeat in Afghanistan. They are in the Capitol Hill, Delhi, Kabul and NATO.

History shows that Nixon ordered air strikes against Cambodia to blame it for his defeat in Vietnam.

It was an illegal act because it was done without Congress’ approval. Cambodia was officially a neutral country in Vietnam War.

Both houses failed to hold Nixon and Kissinger accountable for war crimes. There are speculations that Pakistan will be attacked to hides its leaders corruption in Afghanistan.

Biden should clarify his position and guarantee that there will be no military attack on Pakistan.

West does not acknowledge sacrifices of Pakistan. According to international media, Islamabad has spent more than $100bn on Afghan war.

Almost 80,000 Pakistanis have been killed and 280,000 have been injured and or disabled permanently.

India has been caught red handed in many false flag operations but there is no action against its leadership. WMD proved to be a lie in Iraq but there is no accountability.

Reportedly, there is pressure to give military bases and open land route with India. Islamabad should reject it because it will be at the cost of our industry, jobs and national security.

The people of Pakistan want to stay independent. They want to control their resources, economy and policies.

It will be much better if America, Europe and Asia help Pakistan to improve its manufacturing, education and training to improve economy, water and food security.

It will make stronger friendship on equal basis.
Western leaders should end support of corrupt leaders because it is at the cost of Pakistani public and democracy.

The international establishment should help end corruption by stopping money laundering, ending police abuses by cutting their powers and police reforms.

Research shows that if 90% of police budget is used for community development it will almost end crime.

The use of colonization tactics including IMF should stop implementing foreign agenda.

The public awareness has improved due to the social media. IT has played an important role in improving people-to-people contact.

Governments are facing increasing public pressure to deliver on healthcare, economy and jobs.

The countries where governments are honestly serving their public in these areas are more tolerant and democratic than their counterparts.

Islamabad should therefore take steps to help Pakistan become strong, independent and friendly in the region.

—The writer is senior political analyst based in Islamabad.