Pak-Turkish defence cooperation taking new shape


Salahuddin Haider

AllthoughTurkey and Pakistan are strategic partners who have had military ties since long, Pakistan is now also Turkeys largest defence partner. This needs to be highlighted here.
First the weapon system. Pakistan has built parts, supplied to Turkey, and continues doing that establishing closer cooperation and cementing centuries-old ties, giving these new dimension to suit modern day needs.
Pakistan, which has for much of the past decade has sought to acquire unmanned aerial vehicles (UCAV), a platform used by the US in Pakistan despite numerous protests by the government, has started export of drone parts.
Just a couple of weeks ago, officials at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra handed over the first batch of parts created for the Turkish UAV (ANKA) to the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) in a ceremony held during the International Defence Exhibition and Fair (IDEF) at Istanbul, Turkey.
After the signing ceremony, President and CEO of TAI Muharrem Dortkasli expressed his satisfaction on the skill and knowledge possessed by PAC, Kamra for undertaking such assignments. Dortkasli expressed that many more collaborations would be undertaken in the future as well.
Pakistan has been seeking access to drones and has experimented in indigenously constructing drones. Turkey has bought 52, Super Mushaks from Pakistan: Pakistan is now building a modified Jinnah Class frigate based on ADA Class, and its Turkeys largest defence deal.
2 of these will be built in Pakistan, they are bigger, carry VLS and are bigger in displacement Fleet Tanker built in Pakistan. The production shows Pakistan Navy’s tremendous progress in making the country self sufficient,and be a source of strength for reliable friends.Pakistan Navy commissions warship built with Turkey. MTRP-33s used by Pak Nays SF: In two-way traffic, Turkey has undertaken to upgrading Pak Navys Agosta 90B submarines.Pakistan adds to Agosta 90B Submarine Upgrade Program Turkish new gen Zargana torpedos for PN submarines ,Aselsan Zargana torpedo countermeasures system selected for Pakistan Navy’s Agosta 90B submarine upgrade.

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