Pak Community demands setup Passport Office in Calgary,

Raza Naqvi
Calgary, Canada

Despite the fact that on one side Pakistan is expected to receive record remittance inflows of up to $28 billion this year as reportedly Overseas Pakistanis contributed $14.203 billion remittances during the first half of the financial year 2020-21, against $11.37 billion in the same period last year — a strong growth of 24.9 per cent, which is also key source to increase foreign reserves of the country.

While on other, Overseas Pakistan facing hardship to get necessary services and even no one of concerned quarters seems ready to resolve their problems.

Such fact was also admitted by the Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday while his Video-link address to the all-PakistanAmbassadors all over the world.

Apple example can be witnessed in Calgary, a major city of Alberta Province, Canada, where thousands of Pakistani Overseas are facing multiple, who were forced to visit Pakistan Consulate Vancouver to apply renewal of a Machine Readable Passports MRPs, which round road trip is about 2120 km ( 1060-km one side).

It not only result of physical hectic for them but also wastage of time and extra money they spend on three days travelling and lodging etc, it revealed.

As they have no other option to reach Vancouver a day before after 10 hours travelling and then have to stay night in hotel in order to go Pakistan Consulate next morning to apply MRPs and then again start travelling back to Calgary. Some time they have stayed one more day in case any error in the system or any other reason.

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