PAECO’s Islamabad declaration for enhancing trade, connectivity PAECP to hold 3rd general conference of PAECO in 2022 in Kabul

Ijaz Kakakhel

The heads (Speakers/Chairpersons/Presidents) of PAECO in two days conference underscored the importance of PAECO for supporting ECO’s broad objectives aimed at promoting socio-economic development of Member States

The 2nd General Conference of PAECO, appreciated the collaboration of Member Parliaments in advancing regional cooperation for the benefit of the peoples.

It welcomed the entry into force of PAECO charter after ratification by Azerbaijan and adoption of PAECO’s rules of business by the Executive Council in accordance with article 5b (iv).

The declaration urged remaining Member States to sign/ratify PAECO’s Charter and reiterating commitment to the principles and objectives of PAECO Charter.

Recognized the need to enhance parliamentary dialogue and interaction under the umbrella of PAECO as an effective tool in fulfilling ECO’s socio-economic objectives.

It also underlined the significance of PAECO in exploiting the potential of Parliamentary diplomacy to bring about regional connectivity and economic integration in the ECO region.

The declaration also expressed gratitude to the National Assembly of Pakistan for hosting the PAECO Secretariat and meeting its financial needs since 2013.

It considered the evolving regional and international situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic leading to considerable challenges that have bearing on our sustainable development goals (SDGs) and it also recognized the grave human rights violations of the oppressed peoples of Palestine and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The two day conference have agreed to emphasize on the need of further enhanced cooperation within the framework of PAECO for enhancing trade, regional connectivity and people to people contact.

Reaffirm solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and condemn their gross human rights violations.

Deplore the unilateral economic sanctions and extra-territorial jurisdiction or political pressures as tools applied in violation of the United Nations Charter and International Law and Express our full support to ECO Member States affected by such illegal tools.

Express thanks to the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for hosting the 2nd General Conference of PAECO and welcome the offer by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to hold the 3rd General Conference of PAECO in 2022 in Kabul.

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