DG ISPR says Raddul Fasaad aims at ‘peaceful, stable and normalised Pakistan’


RAWALPINDI – Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Major General Babar Iftikhar said on Monday that the intent of operation Raddul Fasaad was a peaceful, stable and normalised Pakistan where public trust in the state is restored.

The Pakistan Army spokesperson was addressing the media in connection with successful completion of four years of the Raddul Fasaad operation, which was launched on February 22, 2017.

Saying the domain of the operation extended to whole Pakistan, the DG ISPR said that it also aimed at making the terrorists and extremists ineffective by curbing their freedom of action.

Calling every Pakistani “a soldier of Raddul Fasaad operation,” he stressed on whole of nation approach to tackle both terrorism and extremism in the country.

He recalled that the security forces inflicted heavy losses on terrorist by dismantling their networks and infrastructure in tribal areas during 2010-17, adding that then operation Raddul Fasaad was launched to chase down the elements, who were attempting to hide in parts of the country, and counter violent extremism.

He highlighted that the operation was launched through a two-pronged strategy that involves counterterrorism domain and counter violent extremism.

The major objectives of the counterterrorism domain included ensuring stability in western zone through effective border management and eliminating support base of terrorists across the Pakistan.

Shedding light on counter violent extremism, the DG ISPR said that it was an ideology that can only be overcome with a superior ideology.

Listing steps taken in this regard, he added that tribal areas were brought into national mainstream and efforts were being to curb extremism through through assisting the government in educational, madressah and police reforms under the National Action Plan.

He said that Pakistan’s war against terrorism based on four phases: “Clear, hold, build and transfer.” He said that the operation launched between 2010 and 2017 were part of clear and hold phases.

He said that working on build and transfer phases was initiated with the launch of the Raddul Fasaad. He said that social economic uplift in the terrorism stricken areas is a right step for lasting peace.

Saying 375,000 intelligence based operations were conducted in four years under Raddul Fasaad, he listed the majors terror bids foiled during this time period.

He said that attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange, Chinese consulate were foiled while the terrorists involved in the attack on a private hotel in Gwadar were also eliminated.

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