Operation against dacoits


THE killing of four policemen during an anti-bandit operation in Shikarpur, a few days back, has once again brought the issue of dacoits operating in Sindh’s Katcha (riverine) area in the limelight.

These dacoits are on the rampage in the area and there is also uptick in kidnapping by them.

Very rightly concerned over the situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday directed Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmad to head to the province and prepare a strategy to deal with the worsening law and order situation there.

Because of the inability and lack of capacity of police, these dacoits over the years have created an environment of insecurity amongst the people in certain areas of Sindh province especially the districts of Shikarpur, Jacobabad and Kashmore. In case of any operation, they go into the hide and then resurface after sometimes.

There are also incidents where these dacoits have been seen robbing even the police personnel, who appear to be totally hapless against them. Nobody can be allowed to challenge the writ of the state and time has come to sternly deal with these elements.

Rangers in the past have done an excellent work in the anti-dacoit operations as well as restoring peace and security in Karachi.

The Sindh government has already allowed carrying out a grand operation against bandits in Shikarpur’s Katcha area with the assistance of military and rangers.

However, this matter should be seen in a holistic manner so that these elements do not crop up again.

Law and order is a provincial subject. Nonetheless, there should not be any politics on this issue.

Rather both the Centre and Sindh government must collectively move forward to eliminate these dacoits who have made life of innocent people miserable in parts of Sindh.

In this backdrop, the Interior Minister must also sit with the Sindh government to chalk out a way-out.

After clearing Shikarpur, the operation should be expanded to other areas as well so that these dacoits find no abode anywhere.

Then most importantly, Sindh government must take effective steps to build the capacity of police department so that it could effectively discharge its duties for the protection of life and property of the people.